PTA Meeting Minutes February 2017

PTA Meeting Minutes February 2017

Attendance – Sign-in sheet available upon request.

PTA minutes – Motion to approve meeting minutes from December 6, 2016:  Passed

Treasurer’s Report –   Balance to date is $10,475.

Administration Report (Mr. Byers)

Upcoming dates:

  • February 15 – Fourth grade NAEP testing.  This is a national test randomly administered to schools and students.  Sixty-four students will take the test.  Their parents have been notified.  The text will take 90 minutes and includes reading and math.  Test results are not reported to WES, but go toward reporting for the National Report Card (i.e. how we compare as a nation to other countries).
  • March 1 – Kindergarten registration packets will be available (pre-K screening dates will be in June with 18 spots to be filled with income eligible kids first).
  • April 19 – The Southwest Advisory Council will meet in the cafeteria.  They meet at different schools on a quarterly basis.  This meeting will include a meet and greet with County legislatures.
  • April 27 – STEM night (5:30-7:30 pm) and the book fair.  The book fair will be open for one week, including on STEM night for the first hour (5:30-6:30).  Throughout there will be make and take sessions and the mobile innovation lab.
  • June 1 – Volunteer breakfast to thank all volunteers.
  • June 13 – Fifth grade ceremony
  • June 14 – Kindergarten ceremony


  • Next year there will be four assemblies:  Fall – Allergy Awareness, No Bullying; Winter – Joe Ramano, Yojo (test taking strategies)
  • PTA donated scholastic dollars for book purchases, but still in need of lower level reading books.

President’s Report (Kara Griggs-Goldheim):  None

Committee Reports (only those with update/representatives are listed below):

Joe Corbis (Janet Lyston) – Orders placed, waiting for delivery information. Will blast information when known.

Box Tops – check was mailed out ($400), another submission will occur in March.  Middle schoolers have been helping to cut the tops for service hours. 

Wellness – Fun Run will be held in May.  Looking for sponsors, $125 for name on T-Shirt, contact Angie Horman if interested.  Administration will reach out to Patients First for sponsorship.

Staff Appreciation – Planning for π day and May appreciation week, will solicit volunteers.

Membership – Need a chair for next year to process membership and send out cards.

Cupid Grams – No cupid grams next year, hard to get people to man tables.  Next year will make a drop box for payment at the school store.

Bingo Night (Kara Griggs-Goldheim) – Bingo night was a great success, made ~$700.  There were more than sixty families, so we were a little unprepared.  This is a good, more structured alternative to Beach Night.  Next year could get dot markers for marking cards.  Need more kid friendly prizes.  Vendor fair went well.

Welcome Committee – Admin will talk to the Kindergarten team to see how the PTA can help (e.g. babysit at meetings, plan summer events, etc.).  The PTA would like to facilitate ESOL families by holding tours in alternate languages, as well as provide translation of forms, FAQs etc.  The administration would like to have an ESOL parent information night.

Food Nights – Panera food night made about $200.  Next food nights are:  Feb 22, Peace a Pizza; March 14, Lima’s Chicken.  Tell the venue you are with WES.  For Lima’s may need to take in flier, will be provided in news letter or on Facebook.  Next year may set up Applebees Pancake Breakfast around Valentines Day for a nice valentine’s activity.


  • Suggestion for a Baltimore Blast vs. Teachers volleyball match fundraiser. Six teachers would be needed to participate.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Board elections will be held in May.  There is one open position (Parent Delegate), but anyone can run for any position.  Chair of nominating committee is needed.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:30 pm.