Participate / Volunteer

Looking for ways to volunteer?   Check it out:

Immediate Needs: 
Bingo:  Can you help with Bingo Night?  Contact Kara Goldheim at

Staff Appreciation has an immediate need for committee volunteers.  If you would like to help with ideas and delivery of various staff events throughout the year, please contact Ganine Chrystal at

Picture Parent Committee needs parent volunteers!  We need at least one parent volunteer per grade to run the 30 minute art appreciation activity with each class. Everything is all set, parent volunteers just need to read a PowerPoint presentation and lead a simple activity.  Contact Lily Derrick at



Other Committees and Contacts

Boo Grams/Cupid Grams:  If you would like to help with set up and delivery of the grams, please contact Janet Schwartz at janet.lyston@

Bingo Night:  Kara Goldheim at

Float Committee:  Melissa Schwarts at

Grandparents Breakfast: Jennifer Smith or Monica Althouse

Green School:  Kim Hughes at

Health and Wellness Committee:  Erin Hager at

Picture Parent:  Lily Derrick at

Joe Corbi’s:  Janet Schwartz at

New Student Committee:  Need new chair for 2018-2019 school year.  Contact Laurie Sabatelli at

Staff Appreciation:  Ganine Chrystal at