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Direct Donation

Instead of knocking on your door every month selling you random items, we encourage direct donations to the PTA. All donations are tax deductible, and can be done through credit card or paypal.

Click Here to Access Our Secure Donation Page


Birthday Marquee


For $10, you can have your child’s name (First Name & Last Initial) added to the birthday side of the marquee in front of the school for the week of their birthday.

Submit and Pay Online at least 3 weeks before your child’s birthday. If you are under the 3 week window, please contact the PTA prior to submitting your payment to make sure that we can accommodate the request!!

Amazon Smile

Support the PTA as you shop! Enter Amazon using our Smile Page and the PTA will receive a portion of your purchase as a charitable donation! You MUST use the smile link in order for the donation to apply.